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SIZZLER – Great Steaks, Seafood and Salad

For over 50 years Sizzler has been serving great American meals, grilled to taste. Mid-scale, casual dining restaurant emphasizing value, comfort and convenience. Sizzler introduced the “fast casual” service style. All-you-can-eat buffet has been removed from all but a very few remaining restaurants. Sizzler serves lunch and dinner.

Sizzler is found the Western part of the United States, Florida, Puerto Rico, New Jersey and New York.

The salad bar is one of the best salad bars out there! Sizzler’s new seasonal salads, gourmet soups, hot appetizers, fresh taco bar, just picked fruit, and dessert!

Come in now and enjoy a tender, juicy Steak or Malibu chicken or a half dozen golden Fried Shrimp with their World Famous Endless Salad Bar, featuring soups, hot appetizers, fresh salads and cool desserts- all for just S9.99! So economical in price 🙂


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