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Your neighborhood dining room

In the small town that I grew up in, Price Utah, there is a diner called Ricardo’s that changed my life.   It is the restaurant that people only think exist in the movies.   They are the places where you know, on a first name basis, all the servers and you have the menu all but memorized but even though, you have tasted all the food, this is the first place you go for food.

My family had a weekly informal reservation at the fine dining establishment.  It was not that we were too lazy to cook but this was part of our weekly schedule to gather as a family and all some of our neighbors who shared our dinner plans.

Since I moved up to a larger city, I have been looking for such an restaurant that really captures this feel and would be something I would like to share with my family.  I am searching for a place that I wouldn’t think twice about the quality of food or the ambiance of the restaurant.   Thus so far,  I have not found my goal but the search is still on.


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